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OtakuOnsen - a Anime & Gaming community

Welcome to OtakuOnsen! We are a Discord community based around Anime and Gaming. Everyone is welcome!

Weekly Anime and Gaming events!

Every week we hold a variety of events. From gaming tournaments, to anime watching. Equip the @Events role in the #roles channel to stay up to date with the events schedule.

Many features for a fun experience!

Our community offers a variety of features, like unique music bots, gambling channels, self-assignable color roles, giveaways, karaoke events, user rankings, and many more!

OtakuOnsen is an online Discord community, for people who love anime and gaming. Since our start in early 2017, we’ve grown to be among the biggest Discord servers in the world!

Even though the community is centred around anime and gaming, anyone is welcome to join and hang out with us. Our community has it’s own moderating, events and designing teams, that all come together to bring you a fun experience on Discord.

We do our best to ensure the safety of everyone in this community. Anyone should be able to be a part of this community, no exceptions. Our biggest priority is to make sure everyone in our community can feel safe and happy.


members have joined before you!

Our bots

Over the years our team has developed our own original Discord bots to manage the community with essential moderation features and fun experiences.


Our beloved Kaori handles all the general moderation, as well as currencies, gambling and many other special features. Kaori is based on Nadeko-bot.

Kumiko & Reina

Our music bots, Kumiko and Reina! Our music bots output very high quality audio. Will play any YouTube or SoundCloud links in the Music channels.


A completely original bot, written by Rathma. Touka handles all our experience features, and we plan on adding many more features in the future.


Our 4th custom bot, Megumin, written by Rathma. Megumin welcomes all the new people that join the server with fancy banners, made by our Design-team.